Danza Mexica with Kuauhtli – Three day Workshop

Danza Mexica with Kuauhtli – Three day Workshop

with Kuauhtli

  • March 4, 2017 - March 6, 2017

mexica danza feet dance prayer

Danza Mexica is an Aztec dance activity that used to be practiced in the old city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan. They had the belief that singing and dancing kept them in harmony with the movement of the world and thus be in balance with the universe. Every movement in the dance choreography has a specific meaning. Squatting and serpentine movements represent fertility, steps seated on the ground soil and sowing, turns the air and spirit, steps forward and backward fire and zigzag steps mean water. The relationship to the four elements: water, fire, wind, and earth are very present.

Price: $105

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