Dual Dance

Dual Dance

Red Road to the Moon

with the Grandmothers Malinali & Ana Itzpapaloti and Guerrero

  • March 9, 2017 - March 13, 2017

“Our grandparents left us many ceremonies which help us reconnect with ourselves. The Moon Dance is one of them. Nowadays men are being included in the Moondance circles, since we entered another vibration, the vibration of the ddpic2sixth sun, which is the age of Aquarius. Now men and women have the chance to make a change in the harmony between the Sun and the Moon. This will provide the opportunity to the families of the future to have a more spiritual and committed life with our children and mother earth.

The dance is an opportunity to connect with our internal being and with the essences that life provides, the dance, the singing and being awake help our being enter into an elevated state of sensibility and value, life, health and family. This spiritual tradition provides the quality of making us very sensitive and to love everything that has life and movement. It is the Red Road from the heart, using a variety of techniques that connect us with the spirit.

The dance, the force of the moon and the masters of the night and nature, let us vibrate in harmony with the whole universe. Dancing as a family, united in one circle of love and good will, unifying our intentions of a better life, gives strength to our prayers to the creator.”

With Love,
Abuela Malinali

In the Dual Dance, we reinforce our connection within the community and to nature, as well strengthening the bond between the feminine and the masculine.

The Mexica elders, Malinali, from Mexico and Grandmother Itzpapalotl from Puerto  Rico will lead us through the “Dual Moon Dance”. For four nights of structured dance under the full moon, we make an offering of our time, sleep, regular pachamama dual dance prayer fire grandmother ancesters grandfather ceremony meals, prayers and songs. This is the community’s opportunity to offer gratitude, prayers and deep wishes individually and as a whole.

We start and finish each night with a short Sweatlodge to open and close this prayer. During the day we rest and receive talks from the Elders about the Aztec/Mexica/Red Road ways. Through the passing of this knowledge, we understand that we are walking together on the Earth as One People.
This Year PachaMama is completing seven years of holding the Dual Dance on its land. In the week before this four-night prayer, we will have several activities such as:


– Mexica Danza classes
– Palabra (talks) with the Mexica elders

Please bring camping gear. A special outfit required for the Dual Dance will be available to buy in PachaMama. Please preorder.

*Food is included in the price from Dinner on the first day until Brunch on the last day.


Details $US
*Early Bird Dancer incl. food (until 7 days before the event starts) $250
*Dual Dance Dancer incl. food $275
*Dual Dance Supporter incl. food $80

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