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Magic of Tantra
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Alchemical Love and Conscious Sexuality

A Tantra workshop for couples
April 9 - 12, 2012
with Karam and Raaji

Tantra means living totally and consciously. It teaches us to use, cultivate and transform sexual energy in order to connect with an open heart, grow in love, and stay in love. We will use a wide range of techniques from ancient to modern traditions, bringing awareness and healing into our patterns of communication, relating, attachment and sexuality.
This allows intimacy to become more sacred and divine as well as more honest, relaxing, sensual, vibrant and immensely pleasurable. The living and practicing of Tantra often extends our love making greatly. It might as well lead to a new experience of orgasm like valley orgasm and multiple orgasm (for both gender).

Sacred Intimacy

Sexuality and relating are sensitive and vulnerable areas, thus this workshop offers a safe container and effective structures in which relaxation and healing can occur. For some of us it can be a turning point not only in relating and sexuality, but also in the global attitude towards life. Couples will be invited to practice some of the exercises in the privacy of there own room.

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became a sannyasin in Pune in 1988. He trained in integrative and systemic therapy, Ericsonian hypnosis as well as Humaniversity therapy with Veeresh and trauma healing. For 5 years, he worked as psychotherapist in a psychiatric clinic and later with drug addicted people in rehabilitation. Karam has been assisting in voicing and human design trainings and in the Path Of Love. He leads the Humaniversity AUM meditation, Osho meditations and celebrations, as well as groups on emotional awareness and individual sessions. In France, he co-leads Tantra groups; mainly for couples, but also open Tantra groups and a one-year Tantra training and meditation camp in the Moroccan desert.

is a trained body worker and therapist and has been working with people since 1990. She studied several different therapy and healing modalities and Trauma Healing/Somatic Experiencing. Raaji is also a certified teacher of jazz, modern, and contemporary dance, and a trance dance facilitator. She has a long history of passionate study and practice of yoga, music and meditation. In the last 25 years Raaji explored various ways to work with the body and spirit, with movement and stillness, sound and silence, energy and matter. Currently she is studying with Peruvian Curanderos and their ways of healing. Together with her partner Karam, Raaji offers workshops to share her experience and passion for healing, love, meditation, art and working with people.

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