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Tribal Gathering

Coming together for ceremonies and prayer, music and dance. Honoring the elements, celebrating creation, welcoming all colors of humanity.

The Tribal Gathering is a meeting place for those walking the Red Road, travelers on the path of love and beauty, following in the footsteps of the spiritual ancestors of this continent. It is a meeting place for different schools and traditions that come together to share the message of the heart.

It is a meeting place for different schools and traditions that come together to share the message of the heart with events, ceremonies, and celebrations.

Flow of Gatherings

JULY 17-25

July 17, 2015

July 21, 2015

July 24, 2015*

*In the case of rain, the Rock Night will be rescheduled for July 25, 2015.

Individual Events: $120
Entire Gathering: $330

For more information please write

"From the depths of the Amazon
to the peaks of the Andes at North American
indigenous ceremonial sites
and ancient monasteries in the Himalayas,
it is said that ours is a special time.
A time of awakening…"


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festival highlight
Rock Journey
Under the endless starry sky, this DJ set is honoured as a sacred ceremony. It is a privilege to experience such musical jewels in the jungle. "Rock Journey": a voyage into the 60's and 70's golden era of progressive, psychedelic rock' n roll when human creativity touched divinity...
When the winds of peace & love were blowing, when rock legends walked on the earth.

Mesa Chachi with Blady
We will come together and spend all night with the medicine of the Andes and take this time to honor this medicine, praying and singing. By doing so we are able to re-establish our relations as the family we are, flowing in harmony with all that life has to offer.
Blady is a spiritual guide who comes from Ecuador and is an ancestral healer of the Chachi tradition. He works as a portal of the healing altar of the "Mesa Chachi" coming from the Cayapas River which is located in the Ecuadorian north west jungle. He brings this ancient knowledge and shares it with us so we can repair the union bond with our hearts and minds through the Chachi healing songs and prayers.

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