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Tribal Gathering

Sing to the stars. Dance for the earth

Costa Rica was known as a meeting place of the different tribes for trading, ceremonies and sharing informations. The Pachamama tribe evokes these ancient memories by joining the ways of the north and south, east and west, the Tribal Gathering brings together Indigenous traditions of the Americas and beyond. Hearts open wide, celebrating the connection that all beings share as a universal family and honoring the sacred elements which give life.
tribal gathering 2016

The main events of the Tribal Gathering will be a Prayer Meeting with Mexica Elder Kuauhtli, a White Night with the Pachamama Family altar and a Rock Night with Tyohar, weaving in the Mexica Danza and sweatlodges. This gathering is the peak of the Summertime and a last ceremonial embrace of the tribe before the beginning of the rainy season.

Flow of Gatherings

August 12 - 20

August 12, 2016

August 16, 2016

August 19, 2016

Individual Events: $130 (Early bird price: $120 until 3 days before the event)
Rock Journey: $110 (Early bird price: $100 until 3 days before the event)

Entire Gathering: $340(Early bird price: $310 until August 5)

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"From the depths of the Amazon
to the peaks of the Andes at North American
indigenous ceremonial sites
and ancient monasteries in the Himalayas,
it is said that ours is a special time.
A time of awakening…"


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festival highlight
Rock Journey
Under the endless starry sky, this DJ set is honoured as a sacred ceremony. It is a privilege to experience such musical jewels in the jungle. "Rock Journey": a voyage into the 60's and 70's golden era of progressive, psychedelic rock' n roll when human creativity touched divinity...
When the winds of peace & love were blowing, when rock legends walked on the earth.

white night
A circle of music accompanied by the spirit of the Amazon Rainforest, where the forces of nature are honored and celebrated through song, prayer and meditation.

circle with kuauhtli
An all night journey, communing with the sacred fire and four elements in this Red Road ceremony. “Sitting up” in circle around the half moon altar to offer songs and prayers, honoring the desert medicine of the Shining Heart.

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