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The Eco Work-Exchange program

Embracing an Ecologically conscious way of life is part of living and working in PachaMama. The Eco work exchange program supports a collective movement towards self sustainability with permaculture practices that harmonize the village and the individual with the earth.
This Ecological awareness flows into all aspects of life and becomes a spiritual practice that supports the overall intention of Pachamama.
garden work

Through the work-exchange program participants can integrate their own growth in connection with assisting and supporting life in the village.

Being in Costa Rica in a tropical environment, at times the garden project entails demanding physical conditions.

caring for plants

that are needed to support this project.

1 person to support and maintain the fruit plantation.
- 2 people to hold and maintain the green house, taking care of plant orders, delivery and distribution of plants and trees.
- 4 people in the main veggie garden.
- 1 person for the development of compost and continual soil nourishment, (some experience and knowledge required).
- 1 person for micro organism, lumbrices and fumigation.
- 3 people for ornamental gardens.
- 1 person for the recycle center.

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Planting trees

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