200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training

The 200-hour Yoga Alliance-Certified residential training at PachaMama Eco Village embraces a holistic approach to the path of Yoga, combining the wisdom of traditional yoga lineage with a contemporary understanding of the body, emotional system, and spiritual practices.

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training

As a Yoga Alliance-certified course students will cover:


Asana Techniques, Training, and Practice (minimum 75 hours) 

Dive deep into the practice of asanas, exploring various poses, sequencing, and the basics of pranayama. Gain insights into the historical contexts of meditation and the chakra systems, and enrich your practice with the use of mantras and mudras.

Anatomy and Physiology (minimum 30 hours) 

Understand the intricacies of the human body with a thorough grounding in anatomy and physiology. This segment ensures you can teach with an awareness of the body’s mechanics and limitations, promoting safe and effective yoga practice.

History, Philosophy, and Ethics of Yoga (minimum 30 hours)

Immerse yourself in the rich history and philosophy of yoga. Delve into ancient texts and contemporary teachings, and explore the ethical considerations of being a yoga teacher. This foundational knowledge will inform and inspire your personal practice and teaching style.

Professional Essentials (minimum 50 hours)

Learn the art of teaching with practical training in class management, cueing, and professional development. This module equips you with the skills necessary to lead a class confidently and to continue growing in your professional journey.

Live Your Yoga in Union with Nature

What sets PachaMama apart is our vibrant community and commitment to living in harmony with nature. As you train, you’ll be part of a community where meditation is a daily practice, and ecological living principles guide our way of life.

This environment not only enhances your learning but also allows you to embody the yogic principles of mindfulness and connection with the earth.

This yoga teacher training is an experience that goes beyond the mat

Embrace the opportunity to grow, learn, and transform in a place where nature and spirituality converge, and where you can truly connect with your inner self and the world around you.



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