Awakening the Practice

    Awakening the Practice

    Yoga Morning intensive

    with Adya and Velan

    Mornings only from 6:30 to 9 am

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    yoga intensive adya velan pachamama

    The yoga intensive takes place over three mornings, leaving afternoons free for rest and integration. It introduces and converges two ancient art-forms- Hatha Yoga and Shaolin energetic arts through deep asana practice. 

    Hatha Yoga is the yoga of balance- “Ha” and “Tha” are the Sanskrit words for sun and moon respectively. It is an ancient science and practice which supports the evolution of the body and mind, allowing one to gradually expand into deeper layers of awareness, embodiment and presence.

    The depth and wisdom of the Shaolin Energetic Arts awakened an internal power and healing capacity beyond  the framework of the Western concept of body and mind. This approach has changed the way Westerners experience energetic connection through the body. It also affects circulation, projection, and cultivation of energy. The workshop reignites the connection to the body, allowing one to experience  the benefits of consistent practice through a short, gentle yet intense process.

    Price: $100

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