The Elemental Wave

    The Elemental Wave

    A 5Rhythms Dance Meditation in Nature

    with With Meaghan "Tiggrr Fearless" Williams

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    You are elemental. Within your body resides the powers of earth, fire, water, air, and the etheric. In this 5Rhythms workshop, we’ll investigate these elemental forces within and embody their unique qualities of movement, inspired by the elements in the environment around us.

    The 5Rhythms are a conscious body-based practice in which we simply invite the body to move, each in its own way, through five specific energetic fields. Following our flesh and our breath through the dance, we create an opportunity to find our organic movement and give shape to our own unique original choreography, leading us back to our inherent soulful wisdom.

    The 5Rhythms: Flowing, Stacatto, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness, naturally follow one another, in Waves. In the dance, we dig deep into the root of who we are and how we are in Flowing. We spark and define our edges and our desires in Stacatto. We expand and express our ecstasies and struggles in the great surrender and release of Chaos. On the other side of Chaos, we shift and lift into our lightness, soar the space we’ve created and explore its myriad patterns in the rhythm of Lyrical. We integrate and allow breath to guide us home to our core in the realm of Stillness.


    The elements are not just around us, but within our every cell and system of body, mind, and soul. If we are cut off from the natural world, we easily lose touch with our elemental nature. The natural world, when we pay attention to it, can help us re-member ourselves . . . . In this workshop, we will have the opportunity to investigate the realm of each rhythm facilitated by the instructor but allowing the elements around us to be our primary teacher, as we dance on the Earth, around the Fire, in the Water, with the fresh Air on the grounds of Etheric Pacha Mama.

    Every moment is an opportunity to discover all aspects of ourselves in fresh ways. Come dance with whatever experience, training, or practice you may have, and bring it to the big dancefloor, to dance the whole universe of yourself alive.
    The 5Rhythms are for every body and no experience is required to attend this journey, just a willingness to show up in your body, exactly as you are.

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