Art Zest

Art Zest

with Rasana

3 days of Self Discovery Through Natural Arts

  • January 6, 2020 - January 8, 2020

Art Zest is a Creative & Intuitive Process. 

3 days of Self Discovery through Natural Arts and Rites of Passage.


Nature will be the inspiration to create art, to meet oneself, and to discover a force that longs to step out of the obvious ways. 

This is a call to awaken creativity and to manifest visions.

An invitation to be daring, to express uniqueness, to meet life from a playful, yet, arrow-like quality.

The lenses of creativity and “out of the box” perspective are intuitive qualities inherited within.

This workshop is designed to turn on those “antennas”, refreshing the perspective into one’s perception of each moment.

Through Natural Arts, Musical Exploration, Movement, Meditation, Breath, and Ceremonial Rites, a flame will ignite…..  The Zest of Life. 


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Price: $320

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