Authentic Embodiment

Authentic Embodiment

An intimate connection to the inner physical world

with Jennifer

  • April 9, 2024 - April 11, 2024


This workshop is an invitation to dive into the body through an intimate connection to the inner physical world. Through the space created within, cells are infused with more energy, awakening primal vital force and bringing safety in relation to it. During Authentic embodiment, light is shed on the wisdom participants hold inside, their human needs, their deepest desires, and the visions they hold in their heart.


The process inspires each individual to bring all of the latter to reality and invoke changes required in their lives. This journey is a bridge to more embodiment, more connection to intrinsic value, and more groundedness on authentic power so that each individual feels propelled to create a new playground for their life. 



Through earth yoga, embodiment practices and awareness tools, sharing circles, and creative expression, participants travel through 4 main themes: Embodiment, Clarity, Playground, and Rebirth, all leading them to bloom into their nature and into the life they are creating.


Details $US
3 day group $ 290

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