June 29, 2018

Leave No Trace – Eco Updates

by Pacha Mama

PachaMama is currently in the process of radically upgrading its recycling system. At the core of this process is a growing awareness of the impact each and every person has on the environment, and an acceptance of the responsibility we share to our planet’s survival.

Although PachaMama has long regarded itself as an eco village, its standards of sustainability were in need of review, and the ensuing process pushed the village well beyond its comfort zone.

Welcoming visitors from all over the world with varying levels of environmental awareness can be a challenge, but step by step the eco team is raising awareness and inspiring visitors and residents alike to move from comfort to accountability.

While not always easy or pleasant, taking a deep and honest look at the community’s habits of consumption and recycling translates not only to a higher ecological standard but to a deepened and renewed sense of integrity.

All of the plastic bags brought to PachaMama from outside, collected over the course of a few months.
Work exchange participants join us at the recycling station to sort and clean items that are dropped off or collected from bins around PachaMama village.
Even the smallest pieces of recyclable materials need to be sorted, cleaned, and dried to be sent to the recycling facilities for processing.

More updates coming soon!