Calligraphy Yoga

Calligraphy Yoga

Level I & II

with Master Yang

  • May 8, 2019 - May 16, 2019
  • May 17, 2019 - May 25, 2019


Master Zhen Hua Yang calligraphy yogaThis eight-day immersion training is a unique opportunity to train with Master Zhen Hua Yang, through an ancient lineage, intimately working with a 3-dimensional powerful form of movement called Calligraphy Yoga. This training is a rich unveiling of knowledge, movement philosophy and “secrets” that are steeped in ancient methods and techniques. It is a potent form of healing, rebalancing hormones, realigning the bodies biomagnetic energy and increasing organ and brain function.

During this eight-day course, Master Yang will give in-depth practical teachings and guidance of how to use the body, physical movements, breath and Mudra (energy control) for increased energy production and to promote blood, digestive and mental circulation. These practices allow one to effectively release mental and physical tension, increase suppleness in the body and relieve chronic back and neck pain.

During each day of the course, Master Yang will assist participants in gaining a deeper experiential understanding of their own body’s healing mechanisms and ways of directing energy.


The course will cover the following:

– developing inner power

– healing power of movement

– feeling and directing energy flow

– receiving and projecting energy

– methods for improving blood, mental and digestive circulations

– life-prolonging aspects of yoga practice

– teaching Calligraphy Yoga

– movements designed to maintain a youthful body and mind as well as secrets to graceful ageing

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Prices below are for Level 1 or Level 2$
Early Bird Casita until April 7/April 16$1530
Early Bird Std Bungalow until April 7/April 16$1640
Early Bird AC Room until April 7/April 16$1780
Std Bungalow$1740
AC Room$1880
Package for level 1 includes 10 nights of accommodation, arriving on May 7th and leaving May 17th.  
Package for level 2  includes 10 nights of accommodation, arriving on May 16th and leaving May 26th.
Level 2 training is only available to those who have completed level 1.
Additional accommodation options are available.

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