DIY Detox? – The benefits of a group setting for Body Cleanse and Detox

August 4th, 2017 by

“I have tried to cleanse on my own a few times at home and I always ended up quitting after a day or two…”


In almost every opening circle of the Body Cleanse Detox Program,  we hear this sharing from one or more of the participants. To hold a juice fast for yourself might not seem like a big challenge – that is, until you actually try to do it… Not only does it take a good deal of time to prepare the juices, but trying to complete the process while sticking to a work routine and warding off temptations brings many people to realize they cannot bring what they started to completion.
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A group setting is a powerful tool. Sharing the experience with others supports us in our moments of challenge. A deep body cleanse will often bring to the surface emotions we have been avoiding for a long time.  Those toxins in our colon hold memories and experiences from our past and once they start moving, we are faced with those emotions. Being part of a group allows us to realize that we are not alone in our experience- finding support and supporting others through their process creates a safe space for healing to happen. Fasting makes us more open and sensitive. This sensitivity creates an intimate bond between the detox group members.


Our relationship with food is often a reflection of our relationship to other areas in our lives. Through holistic tools like movement, breath and group sharings, a body cleanse can expand into your emotional and mental body. If we dare to expose ourselves, we often find that we have more in common with each other than we think and that we can seek the support and help of others in order to move toward our own healing.


It is possible to do it alone, but it is so much more rewarding and enriching to share this process with others.

A Game of Presence

June 5th, 2017 by

tennis blog amaraIt all started six years ago when a friend and I found ourselves climbing a fence and sneaking into the Nosara tennis club.  We were eager to play and move our bodies. Football, which used to be the national sport in those days, was no longer an option as most of us were getting “not so young” anymore. “We need to find a new sport”, we thought to ourselves.

We sneakily climbed in, taking the chance that we might be caught… We weren’t. Instead we fell in love with the game, signed in as members of the club and started training.

Since then, tennis has been the best therapy and a gate into the moment  for me; it’s a game of presence – you just can’t hit the ball right if you are thinking.  Win, lose or tie. In the moment, there is no one to blame and nowhere to escape. It’s you and the ball, and you have to deliver.

This unique game exposed me to different layers of my personality, some of which burdened me in normal life and some of which uplifted me.

It has given me the opportunity to mature and learn about myself and how I handle situations in my life, all within the microcosm of this fantastic game.

The pain of losing or the joy of winning are not only because I fail or reach the goal. It’s a reflection of myself and how I respond to a situation that life has presented me with.

The last six years of playing brought with them many moments of looking in this mirror (I didn’t break a racket yet, but almost did).  With those came breakthroughs and moments of clarity that were the sweetest of all – especially when they led to a win.

After two years of driving the dusty roads to Nosara, I decided to build our own tennis club in PachaMama. It was not an easy task as we had never built a clay court around here, but with the help of good friends we did it.

For the last four years, we have been enjoying a juicy and vital tennis club in PachaMama with daily classes and groups for kids and adults of all ages and levels.

This year we have opened a fitness program that allows people to train, strengthen and shape their bodies, and we have more surprises coming soon.

Most importantly, we enjoy the game in a meditative way and use it as a tool to stay in shape as well as grow our awareness.


Natural life, healthy life

February 2nd, 2017 by

It seems like being “healthy” in this day and age is a complicated task.
The majority of the population is taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug to deal with different symptoms while others are finding alternative ways to take care of their health issues.
We are constantly preoccupied with our health, often spending lots of time and money while our efforts reward us with nothing but frustration.

A juice fast or a detox retreat is good way to support good health. Facilitating this process and seeing the positive changes it creates in people’s lives made me wonder what it is that the body needs in order to be healthy and in fact, what it means to be “healthy”.

It’s a known fact that today people are as much affected by stress, over-exposure to electronic devices and poor sleep as they are from the food they eat. I started noticing that spending a week in nature, where one can breathe clean air and drink clean water, walk barefoot, jump in the river or bathe in the sun, has as much a positive effect on body-cleanse participants as fasting and colon cleansing.
It is my understanding that “health” is the natural state of our bodies and that being in an environment where nature is present and alive supports our body to move into a more naturally healthy state. We have separated ourselves from nature, placing our trust in the food industry and the drug companies, forgetting the simple ways of nature. Reconnecting to that simple, natural way of life could very well be the first step into a new state of health from which better choices of nutrition and lifestyle can organically manifest in our lives.

PachaMama provides the perfect environment for us to heal and reconnect to our state of well-being, allowing ourselves to be inspired and touched by the balanced harmony that is nature.
Clean air, clean water, sunny beaches and the song of the birds are also great doctors this life has to offer.




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