Clarity Breathwork Training Online

Clarity Breathwork Training Online

with Ashanna and Dana

  • July 16, 2020 - July 19, 2020
  • July 29, 2020 - August 8, 2020

Online Global Clarity Breathwork Level 1: Sacred Breath & Embodiment

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle, compassionate Feminine approach to breathing & healing that has been shifting lives around the planet! Every breath we take is sacred and has the power to open us to the Infinite. When we breathe fully and consciously we can heal our hearts, minds, bodies, and open to the Divine in everything.

Join us for an empowering, rejuvenating experience with Clarity Breathwork sessions, live music, kirtan, light body meditations, sacred healing process, and movement to bring yourself into fuller embodiment of who you really are.

Experience the awesome healing power of breath to transform your life! Unravel limited beliefs, emotional patterns, physical blocks, and imprints from birth, childhood, and past experiences from the cells of your body. Use sacred chanting, movement, meditation, and breath to embody more fully who you are and LIVE IT. Join us for a weekend you’ll value the rest of your life!

Most of us don’t breathe fully. We hold the breath in and may have been holding it in since the first breath when the umbilical cord was cut too soon and we were swung upside down and spanked. Many of us have thoughts like: It’s not safe to be here, I’m not supported, Life is a struggle, People hurt me, I’m all alone, I can’t make it. These may be birth thoughts that can profoundly affect our life experience. These thoughts can be further imprinted by childhood and adult traumatic experiences. Level 1 explores pre & peri-natal psychology and the impact of birth, childhood traumas & negative core beliefs.

Cost: US $275 Early Bird by July 2, $325 thereafter.

Times: Training Sessions Run Thursday through Sunday 9 am–1 pm PT (California)

Reserve for Level 1 on the Clarity Breathwork Website

Online Clarity Breathwork Healing Intensive Level 2

Level 2 includes daily Clarity Breathwork sessions, understanding breath patterns, emotional release processes, movement & dance, live music, mantra and kirtan, light body/chakra meditation, embodiment/presence practices, one on one dyads, group process and sharing.

It invites a deeper exploration of how the mind works; exploring imprints, patterns and the subconscious mind; a deeper unraveling of conception, womb time and birth issues, early nurturing and bonding. Level 2 addresses how the relationship with our parents deeply impacts us, the wounds of abandonment/rejection, shock and shame as well as how they play out in intimate relationships. Healing sexuality is explored along with creating healthy relationships and communication tools.

We explore how to move beyond identification with early trauma and into the greater expression of our gifts through the process of alchemizing early imprints into the gold of our greater purpose and service. Great insights and awareness, guidance and vision can arise leading to positive life changes.

The Clarity Breathwork Intensive Level 2 is open to graduates of Level 1: Sacred Breath and Embodiment. Offered online July 16–19, or if you have previously attended. It is designed both for those wanting to deepen their personal growth, and those wanting to become Clarity Breathwork practitioners. It meets all requirements for Level 2 of our professional training program.

Cost: US$825 Early Bird by July 15, $895 thereafter.

Times: Training Sessions Run 3 days on, 1 day off, for a total of 9 days of training

9 am–1 pm PT (California) 6/29–6/31,  7/2–7/4, 7/6–7/8 (7/1 & 7/5 are days off)

Days off for integration, assignments and possible private sessions

Reserve for Level 2 on the Clarity Breathwork Website

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