Five-day Individual Cleanse

Five-day Individual Cleanse

Health · Vitality · Radiance

with Amari and Tanmaya

  • January 22, 2018 - January 26, 2018
  • June 18, 2018 - June 22, 2018

The five-day* Individual Cleanse program is for experienced cleansers who wish to have a more intimate set up and a more open structure for their process. It offers one-on-one dialogue with the therapists, plenty of resting/healing time, the option of taking rides to the nearby beach and enjoying PachaMama’s nature surrounding & daily activities.

The two main aims of this Cleanse Retreat are:

1. Support the body to let go of accumulated toxic build up that we carry in our digestive system as these toxins have an adverse effect on the bodies functioning.
2. Plant seeds for a sustained healthier life style with a fresh & deep appreciation for the body and ways to take better care of it.body cleanse detox enema colonics liver flush lectures breathwork juicing superfoods pachamama costa rica

 *Five days are the recommended length of the Cleanse, however a three-day program is also offered upon request (days 1 – 3 of the designated dates).

body cleanse detox liver flush enema colonics lectures breathwork yoga dance restart juicing pachamama costa ricaThe individual cleanse program includes:
* Juice-fasting: 100% organic natural juices, infused with super herbs and super foods to exhilarate the detox process, while nourishing the body with the essential micro-nutrients.
* Colonic Enemas twice a day.
* Individual health-nutrition consultation with the therapists.
* 2 one-hour private sessions, chosen by the participant from the available healing arts sessions offered in PachaMama: detox massage, shiatsu, breath sessions, cranio-sacral etc. (The 3 day program includes one private session).
* Daily yoga/movement classes – offered by the PachaMama movement arts.
* Daily evening silent meditation at the Osho Hall.
* The 5 day program includes a liver flush.

Important notes: Based on long-term experience, it is highly recommended to arrive in PachaMama at least 2 days before the cleanse group starts in order to get oriented in the forest and the village, allow the body to get used to a different climate and new environment, and lighten the diet with the vegetarian food served in PachaMama. It is also recommended to stay for at least a couple of days after the group finishes, so you can support your coming out of the cleanse with the appropriate food, specifically served in PachaMama in the days after the cleanse group finishes.

healing arts bodywork shiatsuThe individual program can include up to 10 participants. It is recommended for people with cleansing experience.

* The process begins on the first day at 8 am, and ends by mid-day on the last date.

* Upon enrollment detailed instructions on how to prepare to your cleanse will be mailed to you.

* It is advisable to bring good probiotic capsules with you to further support your body’s natural flora and digestion after the cleanse.

Also see 5-day Body Cleanse Group

Private cleanses are available january 16 – 20 march 21 – 25, and april 10 – 14

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Early Bird Price (until 2 weeks before the group starts)$690
Standard Price$790

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