Wisdom of Breath – Day Event

    Wisdom of Breath – Day Event

    A Day of Self Exploration

    with Amara and Rasana

    • November 19, 2021

    The Wisdom of Breath is an invitation to reconnect with a most precious and prosaic resource – the breath. Using simple breathing techniques, its power is revealed by stirring up and bringing into the light of awareness unconscious emotions and patterns of mind. Memories and past experiences that have been stored in the basement of the soul make room for healing and integration.

    This deep journey is facilitated by adopting a meditative approach while accepting and trusting one’s ability to be present in the moment, whatever may arise. Clarity and maturity naturally manifest in this safe container, allowing past wounds to heal and patterns that are no longer of service to be shed.  This results in reemerging anew into deeper acceptance of oneself, one’s history and life itself.

    The one day workshop weaves together gentle, deep breathing sessions, active meditations and Native spiritual practices, creating a safe inner space to explore the physical, emotional and mental body. It is an introduction into the magic and mystery of the breath, a simple, ever-present and sacred tool that can be used to bring balance and harmony to everyday life.

    Price: $100 - Prices are in $US Dollars and include 13% sales tax

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