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      PachaMama’s Detox Programs are designed to cleanse the body of toxins on a physical as well as emotional level. The Village’s meditative quality, high vibe nutrition and spirit of community align to create a profoundly transformative detox experience.

      • Detox retreats include all the juices and superfoods included in the program. No additional expense on food or beverage  is required during the program.
      • The retreat does not include accommodation.
      • Emails are typically answered within 48 hours.
      • The minimum stay in the Village is seven days. This is to allow you to get oriented and tune into its unique frequency.
      • The Welcome Center can be contacted directly via Skype during office hours, Monday to Friday between 8.30 AM – 1 PM, Costa Rica time (GMT – 6). Our Skype username is pachamama_welcome1.
      • For more information visit our FAQ page.

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