Couples’ Tantra : The Dance of Shakti and Shiva

    Couples’ Tantra : The Dance of Shakti and Shiva

    Alchemical love and conscious sexuality for couples

    with Raaji and Karam

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    This workshop is an invitation for couples to give themselves the space and time to just be, explore and deepen their relationship, their sensuality and sexuality.

    Tantra teaches one to bring awareness into one’s intimate relating; cultivate a love flow; connect from the heart and grow in love together. It is an all-encompassing dance, embracing fiery passion to meditative lovemaking and everything in between. Ultimately, it makes a profound and radical offer- to relax deeply into whatever arises within a couple’s togetherness.

    Committed relationships also naturally bring challenges and function as honest mirrors that give one a great opportunity to learn more about oneself. Communication skills and various Tantric and other tools can support one in staying connected in authenticity and nourishing the relationship.

    Sexuality and intimacy are sensitive and vulnerable areas. This workshop offers a safe container as well as an open, playful and sacred space to explore, deepen and expand. Love is an art and a living adventure in which one learns to stay present and grow into a deeper acceptance of oneself and the other. This journey can be a deeply healing experience, not only in relating and sexuality but also in one’s holistic approach to life.

    In the afternoon sessions, couples will be invited to practice some of the intimate exercises in the privacy of their own room.

    Morning sessions: 8:30 – 12:30

    Afternoon sessions: 16:30 – 18:00

    Price: $500 - Price includes 13% sales tax

    Prices include 13% sales tax

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