A Healing Journey

    with Carioca and the PachaMama Family

    • August 25, 2023 - August 29, 2023

    Sacred MUSIC Ritual

    The ‘Cura’ is an intensive three-night musical journey of full immersion into the magic of the ritual with trust, love and totality. It is a waterfall of music that embodies prayer, meditation, and celebration. The songs are a call for healing and awakening of the soul.  Seated around the sacred white altar, the power of the circle of music will be experienced while sending up prayers and honoring the medicine of the Amazon.

    25th   – opening circle26th – 1st night27th  – 2nd night28th  – 3rd night29th  – closing circle


    Details $US
    TBD $

    Prices include 13% sales tax

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