Unleashing The Spirit

Unleashing The Spirit

Dance & Yoga Alchemy

with Tanmaya

  • January 9, 2020 - January 11, 2020
  • July 1, 2020 - July 3, 2020

Unleashing the Spirit: Dance & Yoga Alchemy intertwines two rich, inspiring movement worlds and presents a powerful meeting point where structure meets a boundless expression, where asana meets the free flow, where music meets silence, where movement meets the ever present stillness.

Dance is a fundamental form of expression, awakening life energy through a direct connection with the body. Free flow dance exploration is an invitation to access one’s inner creative force and its healing potential, embodying a true manifestation of authentic self expression. Hatha Yoga practice opens a door into the depth of this ancient lineage –cultivating strength and flexibility embedded in a sensitive exploration, fertilizing the grounds for deep meditation, unifying mind, body and essence.

dance-and-yoga movement vibration where asana meets free flow

This work is a journey through different body areas – exploring the openings and gifts revealed in them through the Yoga practice, while continuing the exploration through a creative-playful dance session. Grounding with deep roots allows participants to fly high and soar through the landscapes of their inner skies – eventually allowing this conscious movement journey to dissolve into the core of one’s being –  ever present stillness.

The workshop is open to anyone who wishes to reconnect with the internal flow and to play with the body through movement. No background or previous experience in dance or yoga is required, only the willingness to discover raw and authentic self expression.

Price: $290

Tanmaya’s workshop was rejuvenating and the movement medicinal. Within a week from the workshop I feel more balanced. A fresh wave of energy has passed through me. I have more energy in my day to day life. I am further inspired to take good care of myself and to keep connecting with the gifts of yoga, dance, and community!


Thank you so much for this very strong and powerful 3 days we had together. Its so beautiful to experience and share the magic sparkle of movement within the body in a group like this. To grow, heal, observe, feel, listen and share. The container you created felt so safe to open up, explore, be vulnerable and transform. I went out full of trust, inspiration and happy to dance this dance called life.

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