Unleashing The Spirit

    Unleashing The Spirit

    Embodied life visions | Dance. Breath. Initiation.

    with Tanmaya

    • May 5, 2021 - May 7, 2021

    Unleashing the Spirit is an invitation, to explore in-depth movement, navigating through the realms of the emotions embedded deep within, looking for, and finding an uncompromised clarity of one’s unique soul’s visions. And then get the support and tools needed to embody those soul visions, those heart-centered guides – back into the body, back into the manifesting realm.

    5rhythms-inspired free-flowing dance is woven throughout the workshop, igniting expression, joy and creativity. This conscious dance floor is used as a mirror to display how one moves through the world. It serves as a connection point – to oneself, and authenticity with others. To meet the self fully through the embodiment of what rises within, is an opening of a door for greater understanding, a glimpse into the experience of the essence of the true self.

    Connecting to the breath in a conscious, meaningful, deep way, guided by an accurate breathing technique calls in clarity. This clarity holds the potential of clearing away old baggage and limiting mind patterns and allows integration of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

    This container inspires a meeting point between structure and the flow of boundless expression. Between vulnerability and power. Between ecstatic movement and the ever-present stillness within.

    Unleashing the Spirit is an invitation to anyone who desires to reconnect with their internal flow and unleash their soul guide. No background in dance or yoga is required, only the willingness to discover authentic self-expression and clarity of direction.

    Price: $290

    Prices include 13% sales tax

    Tanmaya’s workshop was rejuvenating and the movement medicinal. Within a week from the workshop I feel more balanced. A fresh wave of energy has passed through me. I have more energy in my day to day life. I am further inspired to take good care of myself and to keep connecting with the gifts of yoga, dance, and community!


    Thank you so much for this very strong and powerful 3 days we had together. Its so beautiful to experience and share the magic sparkle of movement within the body in a group like this. To grow, heal, observe, feel, listen and share. The container you created felt so safe to open up, explore, be vulnerable and transform. I went out full of trust, inspiration and happy to dance this dance called life.

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