Danza Mexica

    Danza Mexica

    A Cosmic Dance

    with Kuauhtli

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    Danza Mexica is an Aztec dance that used to be practiced in the old city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs or Mexicas had the belief that singing and dancing kept them in harmony with the movement of the world and thus in balance with the universe.

    The Danza is designed to move energy utilizing a very special and specific set of symbols: squatting and serpentine movements represent fertility, steps seated on the ground – soil and sowing, turns – the air and spirit, steps forward and backward – fire and zigzag steps mean water.

    Drums and rattles are used to create rhythms and vibrations, harnessing the power of natural phenomena such as the earth, the sun, plants and animals and the wind.  These ancient dances bring health, strength and vitality to the participants. The four-step repetition makes it simple enough to follow, while its diverse and artistic creativity invigorates the spirit, mind and body.

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