Doorways to Creation

    Doorways to Creation

    An Embodied Prayer

    with Raaji & Nayra

    • June 17, 2020 - June 19, 2020

    Doorways to Creation is a workshop that opens the space for a deep exploration by way of the body and its creative expression.  It is a group process that invites all participants to call on a wish or a prayer for something they would like to call into their lives. Movement, dance and sound explorations are the doorway to get in deeper contact with that intention. Time is spent in nature collecting objects to create and develop an Earth Mandala. Within the mandala, each participant will have the space to create and express their objective, prayer and intention.  Upon completion, the Mandala will reflect each individual process interwoven into the collective whole. Mandalas are a Tibetan tradition that represents the impermanence of life – they are created and let go of through a graceful dance to dissolve and offer it to the water.

    The Doorways to Creation group consists of two afternoons of movement classes from 4 pm – 6 pm to open the body and senses and get in contact with deeper layers of oneself. The third day and evening are spent creating the Mandala. The workshop will end on the evening of the third day when the collected mandala will be offered to the river.

    Price: $190 - Prices are in $US Dollars and include 13% sales tax

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