Ecology Education Program

    Ecology Education Program

    The Ecology Education Program aims to widen and deepen the awareness and understanding of oneself as a thread in the ecosystem in which everything is interconnected, in order to cultivate a collective initiative at all levels of action: in the home and within the community. 

    Classes held as a part of the Ecology Education Program mix a variety of approaches to individual topics. This includes group discussion, activities, documentary features, and hands-on experience to learn about environmental impact and make mindful choices.

    Topics Include

    Introduction to Ecology

    Living in changing times: Why ecology is crucial to survival. Learn what an ecosystem is.

    Introduction to Permaculture

    Principles of permaculture and how thinking as an ecosystem can create sustainability, renewability, and prosperity.


    Water and rain cycles; reasons and solutions for floods and droughts. Water as a conscious being and active life force.

    Reforestation and Trees

    Forests: the biggest orchestra of nature and a model of sustainability. Includes principles of reforestation in PachaMama.


    Why the centuries-old practice of saving seeds is an important key to survival.

    Landscape Restoration and Healing

    What is a healthy landscape? Impacts and prevention of erosion and runoff, and restoration methods. Landscape as a reflection of inner spirit.

    Sustainability vs. Consumption

    Examining the personal relationship with consumption, and retiring programmed linear ways of thinking to bring about abundance and ultimately sustainability.


    Principles, illusions, and ways to upcycle through art.

    Water Retention Landscape

    What is a water retention landscape? Why are they important for ecosystems? Learn the healing power and importance to ecosystems.

    Shamanic and Indigenous Approaches

    Connection to Mother Earth in indigenous cultures. The cycle of life, medicine wheel, offerings and sacrifices.

    Sacred and Medicinal Mushrooms

    How fungi – whether edible, medicinal, psychedelic or mycorrhizal – connect every part of an ecosystem. Learn which mushrooms are grown in the lab in PachaMama.

    Healing with Plant Medicines

    How to integrate intentional engagement and relation with plants into daily life.

    All teachings are a reflection of what is happening and practiced here at PachaMama Eco Village.


    Who is this program available to? 

    Work Exchangers are required to attend 1 class per week. There are two classes available each week: one is available only as a part of the Work Exchange Program, and the other is open to all.

    What is the format?

    Each class will include a brief introduction to the topic followed by a documentary, discussion, activity, or hands-on experience to ground the principles in daily life.

    What is the schedule of classes and topics? 

    All days and times can be found by checking the community announcement board located in the center of the village downtown.

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