Ecstatic Movement, Breath, and Restorative Yoga

    Ecstatic Movement, Breath, and Restorative Yoga

    with Veda Ela

    • December 10, 2019 - December 12, 2019

    This workshop is about diving into one’s inner landscape by moving wildly and consciously, using different breathing techniques to finally rest in the space of stillness and silence.

    Throughout generations, dance has been used as a natural way of healing. This group uses dance and ecstatic movement to release old patterns that stand in the way of connecting with the innocent inner child who once moved freely.

    The use of different conscious breathing techniques influences movement and allows participants to drop into the body and the present moment as it is, offering support to feel fully alive and energized.

    By clearing these layers of conditioning and repression, freeing the breath and being in the body, one can rest into the core of their being.

    In times when “doing” seems to be endless…The practice of Yin and Restorative Yoga is the counter-cultural practice of being; a reminder to slow down, receive support, soften the body and mind, and surrender to the moment as it is.

    “We are Movement… At the Center, we rest in the Stillness of Being”

    Veda Ela

    Price: $290

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