Flower and Song Seminar

    Flower and Song Seminar

    Sharing the Red Road Ways

    with Kuauhtli

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    A 3 day meeting with Kuauhtli by the river, where he shares the ways of the Red Road. This work touches on academic, traditional, and modern mythology; mystical and direct experience of the earth’s ways; and plant medicine teachings.

    This is a meeting with the wisdom of earth and spirit, and a deepening of one’s connection with the power of prayer.

    Kuauhtli shares from a deep well of Red Road wisdom, holding also a sweat lodge and tipi ceremony.

    Ohuaya Ohuaya.

    Beautifully sing here

    the turquoise bird, the quetzal, the trogon:

    the macaw’s song presides, and

    all the jingling rattles and drums answer,

    Ohuaya Ohuaya.

    I drink cocoa:

    with it I am glad -Aya!-

    my heart takes pleasure, my heart is happy,

    Ohuaya Ohuaya.

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