Forest Rock Ball

Forest Rock Ball

with DJ Tyohar

  • February 15, 2019 - February 16, 2019

The Forest Rock Ball invites participants to come in a wardrobe that expresses their forest creature character. It’s a dive into the otherworldly realms of creatures and mysteries.

This is a journey to honour the invisible realm, one in which fairies, fauns, magicians, witches, dragons, sphinxes, pixies, gnomes, phoenixes, shape-shifters, and other phantasmagorical creatures dance and prance in harmony with one another.

All are invited to join in this celebration of the mystical, and encouraged to express their inner forest creature.

A wardrobe is not a costume – it is a full expression of one’s creature side. It is not a Halloween or costume party, but a chance to call forth another side of one’s spirit and live it out for one night.

In the days before the Forest Ball, a Wardrobe Pavilion will emerge as a place to borrow clothes, accessories, or various artistic supplies to help bring the creature to life. Items are limited so it is best for guests to arrive at PachaMama with most of what they need.

Please note: Creatures should not be created from plastic or garbage, or any materials that do not fall within PachaMama’s guidelines for materials – ecological responsibility should be first in mind.

The week before the Forest Rock Ball, PachaMama will offer dance and theatre workshops to help to get in deeper contact with one’s character to fully embody its spirit, and to learn from its potential.


Early Bird Price until 3 days before the event$100
Standard Price$110

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