Embodied Presence – Awareness Through Movement

Embodied Presence – Awareness Through Movement

Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

with Sati

  • January 19, 2021 - January 21, 2021


This workshop is inspired by Gurdjieff Sacred Dances along with various embodiment, awareness, and dance practices. It serves as a door to experience meditation in a deeper level and expand the state of presence through the non-habitual movement of the body and the dance coming from the stillness within.  

Being more present within the body and taking distance from the mind creates a space for remembering who we are beyond one’s personality and history. Reconnecting with the hara energy center and awakening the passion of the heart allows harmonious alignment of the body-mind-heart system as a whole.   


Working with the group movements and as well with the freestyle dance is an invitation to expand one’s awareness, centering and observe relating dynamics with others. This practice challenges and allows coordination of different parts of the body and connects the right and left brain hemisphere. It opens a deeper quality of listening and ability to be present. One drops into the space of effortless effort and becomes one with the moment like a tuned instrument through which the life can flow freely.

It is possible to join for the first day of the group only.



Details $US
3 day group $290
1 day $90

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