Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

Harmonization of the body, mind and heart

with Sati

  • April 10, 2019 - April 12, 2019

Gurdjieff Sacred Dances are a powerful and transformative tool for observation, centering, maintaining a state of presence and inviting more acceptance into daily life. Filled with solemn beauty and purity, Gurdjieff Sacred Dances harmonize and align the mind with the heart through a conscious movement of the body.

hqdefaultThis Gurdjieff Sacred Dances workshop is an invitation to step out of one’s routine and patterns and be taken by each moment in a dance surrounded by people who share the same longing to live in a more conscious and loving way.

During the workshop, attention is brought to body alignment – engaging the right and left parts of the brain equally as well as coordinating and integrating different parts of the body.  Distance is taken from thoughts and emotions to explore the quality of the movement that comes from the stillness within.


The workshop includes various Gurdjieff movements, body awareness exercises, meditation, free flow dance, sharing and a breathwork session to integrate the process.

In a playful yet meditative space, authenticity is revealed by connecting with one’s essence and experiencing that moment of being in a flow, when the dancer becomes the dance and one is allowed to simply BE.



3 day group$255

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