Healing Power of Qi Gong and Vibration

Healing Power of Qi Gong and Vibration

Learning to address hormonal, digestive dysfunction, and trauma

with Master Yang

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In this training (addressing trauma, illness, and stress) of the Calligraphy Health System, Master Yang draws on his knowledge, experience, and 5000 years of Eastern Philosophy to teach students to connect to their true self and find harmony and happiness. In this training he will address working with trauma, illness, and the possibility to cultivate energy to transform these frequencies. 

At this level Master Yang delves much deeper into Calligraphy Qi Gong with a focus on controlling blood circulation and energy flow, scanning the body for blockage or disease and using the power of energy flow to break up these blockages, increase blood flow and clear and quiet the mind.

This course will cover:

– Improve mobility, strength and balance
– Improve organ function
– Blood, digestive, and mental circulation
– Reduce pain
– Heal scar tissue
– Address serious illness
– Address trauma, stress and anxiety through vibrational healing
– Deeply focus on Qi Gong energy
– Deep connection between human body and nature
– Renew cell communication
– Continuous three dimensional flow with the internal energy understanding
– Martial Arts Elbow strikes and Organ service

Packages include 13 nights of accommodation, arriving May 7th and leaving May 20th. Prices include 13% tax. 
Early Bird package pricing is available until April 23rd. Additional accommodation options are available – please contact for more details.


Details $US
Casita Early Bird $1,710
Casita $1,860
Upg Bungalow Early Bird $1,970
Upg Bugalow $2,120
Cabina Early Bird $2,320
Cabina $2,470

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