Herbal Purification

    Herbal Purification

    The gentle healing power of plants

    with Nakin and Tanmaya

    • April 2, 2021 - April 3, 2021

    Held down by the PachaMama river, this is a 3 day journey to ignite purification, rejuvenation, and alignment of body and soul through the synergetic effect of a steam tent, light detox, medicinal plants, and invigorating movement.

    This work is an invitation and a doorway to discover, experience, and reconnect with the healing power of the natural world through the plant kingdom.

    The workshop combines the elements of:

    • Steam tent – twice daily, morning and afternoon
    • Tinctures and microdose of herbal medicine
    • Sharing the wisdom of medicinal herbs and how to use them
    • Juices, smoothies, soups – light menu included as part of the program
    • Movement – yoga, free flow dance
    • Breathwork
    • Sharing circles and verbal work

    The steam tent

    The steam tent rests in a lush forest setting, surrounded by native plants. Upon entering the tent, participants are invited to sit or lie down and receive the steam created from a small pot on a stove, filled with medicinal herbs and leaves. 

    This tent is an oasis of healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation. By sitting on the earth in a serene garden, a natural purification can occur, bringing relief through the medicine of water, fire, and plants harvested from the forest surrounds.

    The healing benefits of steam on the mind and body are well documented, and have been experienced in cultures across the world for centuries.

    Benefits of steam include

      • Detoxification
      • Increase in Circulation
      • Respiratory Regeneration
      • Immune System Boost
      • Stress Relief
      • Anti-Aging
      • Mood Boost
      • Pain Relief
      • Relief from Joint Pain, Skin Irritation, Digestive Issues

    And so much more

    The usage and benefits of microdose

    Microdosing is a rising practice in the world of medicine, involving taking very small doses of certain specific medicinal plants. These measured doses are gaining more and more research, evidence, and popularity for their ability to heal.

    People using these microdoses claim they benefit the mind, making them think more clearly or feel more open throughout the day.

    The intention for microdosing is to support natural wellbeing, initiating a desired change, and igniting the potential for self healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

    The microdose medicine that is used in the Herbal Purification work is home grown medicine, for nearly a decade in a private garden. These tinctures are made with love and care in PachaMama, for this specific purpose.

    A juice based menu

    The workshop offers the body an opportunity for a light detox also through a menu of juices, smoothies, and soups. The menu will be light – in order to keep the body available for the more subtle frequencies of the work – yet deeply nourishing.

    The menu will include local super herbs and superfoods to enhance nutritional values and maximize the support for the body.

    Movement Practices

    An intrinsic part of coming into deeper connection with the body and grounding will be an offering of daily movement practices – Hatha yoga flow, and free-flowing 5rhythms-based dances. These practices are offered before entering the steam tent as a way to accelerate the heartbeat, enhance blood and lymph flow, and deepen the availability of the body to reap the benefits of the steam tent.  

    Clarity Breathwork

    Deep breathwork serves as a healing modality, allowing another layer of purification through the emotional body.  

    Connecting to the breath in a conscious, meaningful, deep way, guided by a specific breathing technique calls in clarity. This clarity holds the potential of clearing away old baggage and limiting mind patterns, and allows integration of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

    Price: $370

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