Human. Being.

Human. Being.

Coming Back Home

with Ramya

  • February 12, 2024 - February 15, 2024

What is it to be Human?
What is the state of Being?
How do we surf the two and what is the shape of our experience of reality?
Being is always here and now, in the fabric of the moment.
When we shift from Human to Being, we change perspective.
We step from actor to witness and our experience of reality transforms radically.

In this workshop we remember, explore, and play with our ability to rest in presence.
Over four days, the path from Human to Being will begin to crystallize and bring clarity on what separates us from reality.
From there one returns home, again and again.
This practice is not only happening during the hours when the group meets but is an ongoing invitation to be present and aware of the different layers of being that are showing up each moment. It is never finished as being present only happens in the moment.
The workshop will take place on 4 mornings and 2 evenings.

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