Finding Inner Balance

    Finding Inner Balance

    Healthy Flow in Daily Life

    with Amara

    • June 22, 2022 - June 24, 2022
    • July 26, 2022 - July 28, 2022
    • November 14, 2022 - November 16, 2022

    Modern life is exciting, interesting, and rewarding. The fast and dynamic environment it offers brings challenges and responsibilities which are sometimes too much for the nervous system that was created millions of years ago and designed for a slower pace.

    This workshop will present simple and hands-on tools to maintain balance and evolve the subconscious brain (the operation system), making space to enjoy the interaction with and the creativity of modern life, while remaining resilient, centered, and energized.

    The group will take a look at stress, anxiety, and other states of body/mind that prevent one from experiencing their full potential. Understand the physiological, emotional, and mental aspects of those states, and how to regulate them.

    The use of biofeedback devices, principles of neural plasticity, and other modern therapy modalities can discharge and regulate the emotional system, inviting a move from survival mode into creative mode.

    Price: $310 - Price includes 13% sales tax

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