Alchemy Through Motion

    Alchemy Through Motion

    Body of Trance, Body of Wisdom

    with Raaji and Nayra

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    Alchemy through Motion invites movement lovers on a healing dance journey into the mystery experienced through the body and the medicine it contains.  The human body holds a profound wisdom, an ancient memory and an inherent healing intelligence that serves a connection to one’s inner world as well as to one’s surroundings. Sound and movement help one to access this body-wisdom and use it as a gateway to find medicine for life. Many tribes have called this space of inner-knowing the “Dream Lodge” and most native cultures around the world have used dance, singing, drumming and rituals for healing and accessing altered states of consciousness. This contemporary approach brings together the richness of ancient rituals and modern techniques.

    Main fields of exploration of healing dance:

    healing dance-movement-workshop-pachamama-costa-ricaBody Flow is a movement modality which connects one to the fluid body, the 80% liquid that the organism is made of. It is a slow and gentle yet profound approach, an invitation to experience healing fluid movement emerging from within. Sound, breath and movement explorations gently open the body and initiate a personal flow of movement in which one can experience the body as an alive and fluid whole. That helps one to drop below usual patterns into a vaster space, an intuitive realm where the fluid can move the body and awaken its mysteries.

    Trance Dance is a modern ritual comprised of dancing blindfolded to dynamic, percussive beats using a transformational breathing technique that stimulates a state of trance. It is a blind-date with the unknown, an inner journey in which the dancer may disappear, discover parallel realities and simultaneously become less attached to life’s ordinary difficulties, finding medicine within.

    The Alchemy in Motion workshop opens a sacred space, extending an invitation to travel from gentle and slow through ancestral and wild into unknown territories beyond. Dancing and moving, singing and making sound are the means to focus one’s intention, find one’s medicine and elevate one’s prayer so they can enter every cell of the body and manifest in one’s life.

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    Price: $290

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