Move toward the Unexpected

    Move toward the Unexpected

    with Nayra

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    This workshop is an invitation to dive into the inner landscape of the body, exploring and inquiring into the nature of movement and awareness.

    Free to create individual movement, trace inner impulses and rhythms and dance in different dynamics and forms, one is able to become aware of certain relationships with the self, the group, the music or the environment.

    The workshop creates a space to playfully move through different structures, experimenting with patterns, preferences and choices and ultimately leave the familiar behind and met new territories with a curious mindset.

    Deep exploration of the body in motion allows one to trace the body’s inner landscape and embody the feelings and emotions that might be stored deep within the tissues.

    The workshop draws on different modalities of healing and expression, including free dance, structured somatic and awareness exercises, authentic movement in solo and group work, while setting aside time and space to explore actively, let go, and cultivate self-care and nourishment.

    This practice is designed to support one in letting go, dropping into the present moment with openness and receptivity.

    No dance experience is necessary – only curiosity, respect, and the willingness to open to the unknown.

    “If the spirit is inside matter one must go to matter to encounter the spirit”

    Price: $290

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