Global Sharing Circle

    Global Sharing Circle

    Live music and sharing from the heart of the forest

    with PachaMama

    This event is an invitation to share a moment of openness, authenticity, and kindness with the international PachaMama Community.

    In this unique time where the world is isolated, this is an opportunity to come together in a space of sharing, music, and togetherness with people in PachaMama and around the world.

    Connect via zoom and participate in a live singing circle, silent meditation, and sharing circles – broken out into smaller groups so everyone has an opportunity to share and receive one another.

    The event will be shared in Zoom only.


    Held with the PachaMama standard of commitment and vulnerability, it is important to be on time as the waiting room will close once the event begins. To create a safe and intimate container, those who join are asked to keep their Zoom camera on, close their phones, and stay until the end.

    The event is scheduled for 1-1.5 hours. Event will begin at 1230pm Costa Rican time.

    Link to Join (via Zoom)

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