Whole Body Detox Online Program

    May 31 - June 7, 2021

    A 1 week cleanse and detox, designed to deeply and effectively release unhealthy build up of toxins, restore healthier digestion, nourish the body & soul, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and build resilience.

    The online cleanse program is guided step-by-step, designed to be done from the comfort of your home while continuing your current life routine, and held in a supportive group environment.

    While effectively releasing toxic accumulations from the body’s organs, this process also encourages the release of negative feelings, emotions, and limiting thought patterns. This cleanse offers the opportunity to clear stagnant energy, reconnect with the body’s true needs, and support a vital, clear mind.

    The 7 day cleanse is built from 3 phases:

    Phase 1 – 3 days of preparing the body with a light cleanse.

    Phase 2 – 3 days profound body detox.

    Phase 3 – 1 day of gradual reintegration,  and establishing a new, healthy “baseline”.

    The program includes:

    • 6 x 1.5hr live zoom meetings with Tanmaya – combining information, sharing, and answering questions. (All meetings will be recorded and provided to participants) 
    • 1 individual health consultation with Tanmaya. 
    • Detailed guide: how to prepare for the cleanse, list of items needed during and after, clear instructions on how to prepare food, juices, and smoothies. Simplified and easy to follow.
      • A blender is the only required piece of equipment for preparation).
    • Daily support via a closed Facebook group.
    • Changes to the plan to suit individual needs will be offered whenever needed.


    * Sessions are held live at 11am, Costa Rica time (10am PT, 1pm EST, 7pm CET). All the sessions are recorded and will be available to the participants for 30 days from the original air date. Session duration is about 1.5 hours and instructions will be sent to participants in advance.



    The online cleanse brings the 20 years of experience and knowledge of detox programs shared in PachaMama, into your home. Rich, detailed, applicable information will be shared in a simple accessible way to understand better how the body works, how to listen to its signs and wisdom, and how to support it better.

    Attain a new set point to a healthier, fresh standard of relating with the body, taking care of it, and nourishing it, inside and out in this online cleanse retreat.

    About Tanmaya:

    Tanmaya is a health coach (certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York), a Dance Movement Therapist (M.A.), a Yoga teacher, and a trained Clarity-breath-work practitioner. She has focused her learning and exploration on body-mind relations for the past 25 years, looking at different ways in which our bodies manifest wellness and disease, and the direct connections to our mental, emotional and spiritual well being. She has extensive experience with leading groups and bringing body-awareness, movement and breath into the physical and emotional healing processes.
    Tanmaya experienced a deep journey with her own health and eating habits which ignited a commitment to expand her knowledge of cleansing processes, balanced nutrition and the motion of emotions in one’s self – and their impact on our overall well-being. This passionate quest grew into a profession and is being shared with compassion and love.


    “I booked the Whole Body Detox as I felt I needed support in taking care of my health and if possible, lower my weight.
    The process fulfilled my needs and the support I received from Tanmaya and the other members of the group helped me a lot and I came out with renewed determination to heal my body.
    Doing it in the comfort of my home was very precious as what I learned about the workings of the body, nutrition, nutrients, and how the cleanse will allow me to keep experimenting with all this. I discovered more about my relationship to my body and some false ideas around this issue.
    I am ready to renew the experience in order to go even deeper and I feel grateful to Tanmaya and PachaMama for this offering.”

    Suvasa, Switzerland

    “I had the very unique opportunity to participate in a beautiful journey of body cleanse guided by Tanmaya. Tanmaya is a well-qualified professional with an open heart and a special soul, she made everything so welcoming and clear, inspiring and interesting, with her I was willing to experience new things I wouldn’t think I had the courage to do. The process was well held and contained, the group was met almost every night and became a group even by the zoom. We were all over the world and it was exciting. It was meaningful and will stay with me as new habits and as an experience melts into my body and mind.
    Thank you PachaMama and thank you beloved Tanmaya for this so very good journey of cleansing. I would love to do it again soon!”

    Yael Yacobovitz-Balva, Israel

    “The Online Detox was profoundly healing for me. It revealed a completely new way in which to relate to my body and take care of myself throughout my daily routines. I was able to finally raise my energy levels, just by understanding how I could really nourish my body and my Soul through diet and food choices. I am grateful for this opportunity, which opened a new door towards optimal health in my life!”

    Mónica Andrade, Bogotá- Colombia

    “Taking the opportunity to go through a full-body detox from home felt like a great gift. It empowered me to recognize that I can manage such a process myself in my own daily life with the support of Tanmaya and an online group. The enthusiasm and wisdom about the topic of food inspired me a lot and knowing that we are all going through the same process made me hold on. 

    I am grateful for the experience and inspiration that can serve me again any time in my daily life!”

    Karen, Belgium

    “A wonderful week of motivation and healing from the comfort of home. Tanmaya’s presence brought the jungle to us, which was such a blessing for those of us who were unable to be in Costa Rica. The detox protocol was clear and easy to follow, as well as gentle enough if you still have to go to work or engage in other obligations. At the end of the 7 days together, we were glowing.”

    Sandy, Canada

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