Meeting in Silence

    This meditation course creates a space in which the expansion can happen beyond the ”bubble” of the “I”, into a dimension of natural presence where the concepts of separate existence, tomorrow, yesterday, or me (and the other) are irrelevant. Each will discover their nature, their empty and limitless self.

    An all-embracing awareness arises from within and takes over when one sits silently and does nothing; no effort, no choice, no doing – just being. Meditation is a precious time to simply sit and  shift the attention from the world to one’s inner nature – awareness. It is not  ‘doing,’ it is allowing. Quieting the mind allows one’s silent nature to surface. The result is resting into an awakened silence.


    Live sessions are held each day via Zoom at 11am, Costa Rican time (1pm EST, 10am PT, 7pm CET) and last 1.5 hours each.



    The course will take place in 2 meetings a week, 1.5 hours each.

    Every meeting will open with a review over the previous meeting, and connect with the process that is happening with each participant. There will be space for questions and personal guides.

    The heart of the meeting will be a guided meditation, and silent sitting.

    About Ananda

    Ananda was first exposed to Vipassana meditation 32 years ago in S.N. Goenka’s center in “Dharma Giri” India, where he spent some time and became part of the staff. It was a love at first sight.

    Until this day “sitting still meditation” is the main gate through which the synchronicity of the limited reality with the beyond is opening up for him, and this is the dimension through which the sharing is happening.

    In the last 15 years Ananda has been facilitating Vipassana Retreats here in PachaMama.

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