Shamanic Healing and the Power of the Orixás

    May 15 - 16, 2021

    Shamanic Healing and the Power of the Orixás will explore the world of Shamanism as a path to strengthen the connection within through creating a more intimate relationship with nature. Using shamanic practices from different traditions – Shamanic Journey, ways of purification, songs and legends from the Forces of Nature – the Orixás – the intention is to explore natural ways to call for balance and harmony, protection, and inner guidance.

    Live sessions are held each day via Zoom at 12pm, Costa Rican time (2pm EST, 11am PT, 8pm CET) and would last 2.5 hours each. Participants are invited to prepare a quiet space, have with them a yoga mat and pillows, a journal, a candle, and sage.



    Shamanic Healing and the Power of the Orixás is a two day workshop, presenting the world of Shamanism – a path that helps to connect to oneself through creating a more intimate relationship with nature.

    Explore simple ways to commune with the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

    A Shamanic Journey will initiate a meeting with each participant’s Animal Spirit Guide.

    The drum heartbeat will serve as a guide into a dream world full of magic and mysticism, yet, a place that awakens intuition and a space to find real answers and guidance.


    From the Brazilian lineage, the Umbanda Afro tradition, build a home altar and learn how to purify oneself, as well as living and working spaces with smoke and herbs, called DEFUMAÇÃO – a fragrant way to call focus and protection.


    Begin to understand what are the Forces of Nature – called Orixás – Oxalá, Yemanja, Oxum…. and others.

    These Forces represent a School of Wisdom shared through legends and songs, ceremonies and rituals. Forces that exist all around.


    In present time, there is a huge need to reconnect to the natural ways. 

    A call for simplicity and balance, especially if one lives in the city.

    And this is the intention in sharing this Workshop: to bring that remembrance. 


    This course is an introduction of a 3- Day Workshop that will be held at PachaMama Eco-Village, as part of the PachaMama Mystery School.


    About Rasana

    Rasana’s love for the Earth Ways came to her when she was a child. She grew up being exposed to the mysticism of Brasil and continues to this day.
    Her journey in PachaMama has been so rich: the land where the mystical doors of the Amazon, Mexico, Americas, and Andes opened generously to learn and experience. A profound school that touched her life deeply.
    Rasana has lived and worked in PachaMama for the last 20 years as a therapy group facilitator, creating and holding musical spaces, offering arts events, and ceremonies.

    Shamanism has many names, also called Red Road, The Earth Ways, The Beauty Way… The flavor of this online workshop combines 3 elements that are reflected in Rasana’s work with people: meditation, inner inquiry, and shamanism.

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