The Art of Being A Woman

    April 27th - May 18th, 2021 | Weekly (Tuesdays)

    A four-week online workshop for women who seek deeper connection with their authentic feminine power and want to discover their unique creative expression, and reconnect with cyclical nature and wisdom of the womb.

    Embodiment, womb connection, dance, breathwork, initiation ceremony, and sharing will be the anchors on this path of reclaiming healthy feminine flow and beauty in life.

    Explore together themes of:

    • understanding vulnerability and willingness to show up, opening to inner flow, rhythm, and healthy boundaries
    • reclaiming the creative energies of the heart and the womb, releasing tabu and conditionings, and aligning with loving presence
    • embracing emotions and the inner critic and practicing the art of self-care and self-acceptance
    • living in tune with the sacred moon cycle and bigger cycles of life
    • honoring divine feminine and connecting with the heritage of female ancestors
    • relating to Mother Earth as a direct connection to the core feminine power and responsibility

    This process combines deep inner work, healing and embodiment, the power of feminine community, and empowerment, celebration, and connection to the natural world. Each woman will find a safe and supportive space to discover her unique Art of Being Woman, and ways to live from her own heart and more in tune with her authentic essence.

    * Sessions are held live via Zoom weekly every Tuesday (total of 4 meetings, 2 hours each), 12pm Costa Rica time (2pm EST, 11am PT, 8pm CET). All sessions are recorded and available for participants. Participants are invited to prepare a comfortable, cozy private space and have at hand a pen and notebook, blank paper and coloring pencils / felt pens for drawing, and a glass of water, refreshing beverage or a cup of tea.

    The program includes:

    * 4 x 2hr live meetings with Sati. The four modules will include guided meditation and womb journeying, embodiment session and dance, breathwork session and menarche initiation ceremony, cycle awareness and self care practice, space for sharing, questions and answers.
    * An invitation for interactive sharing and exercises between participants during the time between the sessions to deepen the experience.
    * Tools for integration into daily life after the workshop in a form of pdf documents, sent to participants.
    * 30 min individual private counseling session with Sati
    * A safe space of a private FB group for sharing and support.



    This workshop series is an invitation to journey together as women, support one another in rediscovery of healthier flow in life, connecting with feminine ways and beauty. It is a beautiful opportunity to call back, reclaim, and align separated pieces of womanhood, find the voice of the heart and the womb, and bring each one’s unique feminine expression and purpose in life into flowering.

    About Sati

    Sati is an artist, dancer, traveler, visionary, and a therapist, born in Czech Republic. After her university studies of performing arts and several years of cooperation with different theaters and film, she moved in 2001 to PachaMama, deepening in her work the connections between tribal life, spirituality, healing, shamanism, and art. She is trained in trauma healing, therapy, breathwork, feminine cyclical awareness and womb wisdom, body awareness and meditation, and various healing modalities. As an experienced facilitator Sati leads classes and workshops across Europe, in the UK and in Costa Rica, as well as offering online programs and individual sessions and counseling.


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