Wisdom of Astrology – Online Course

    April 8th - May 13th, 2021 | Weekly (Thursdays)

    In this online astrology course, learn all of the components involved in interpreting a birth chart. With a good understanding of the individual components, Tarit will then teach how to put them all together into a coherent astrological analysis.

    The individual components this course focuses on are:

    Elements: (fire, air, earth and water)

    Signs: (the 12 signs of the zodiac explained) 

    Planets: (what does each of the 10 planets mean?)

    Houses: (explain the meaning of houses)

    Aspects: (planets in aspects take on different meanings, enhancing, diminishing or blending their original signatures.)

    Combination: This is the most important part of the course. How to bring all the individual components together? What does it mean when a planet is in a sign and a house and makes aspects to other planets, seen as a whole?

    As well as:

    • The Profession of astrology
    • How to get started with astrological counseling
    • What it takes
    • Tips and tricks
    • Questions and answers

    Join the online astrology course to further explore another layer of being.

    * Sessions are held live via Zoom every Thursday at 12pm, Costa Rica time (2pm EST, 11am PT, 8pm CET). and will take 2.5 hours. All the sessions are recorded and will be available to the participants.



    The purpose of the Wisdom of Astrology course is to teach the astrological language and give the student tools to be able to interpret their own and others’ horoscopes, eventually with the aim of recognizing what it takes to become a professional astrologer.

    About Tarit:

    Tarit has studied and practiced Astrology for more than 25 years. He has held seminars and given countless private readings.
    Over the years, he has come to understand that astrology is a powerful tool that can help us accept ourselves, since clearly there is a greater design at work in our lives that we do not control. An astrological analysis creates a detached view of our situations; and with this perspective it’s easier to see where we can change – and it helps us take ourselves less seriously.

    Tarit’s approach is spiritual, as well as psychological and practical.


    Recently I participated in the online Astrology workshop facilitated by Tarit.
    I’m astrologically punch drunk from the in-depth wealth of knowledge that spewed forth from his mouth.
    He masterfully covered/conveyed all of the aspects of Astrology in an efficient, progressive process.
    Skillfully weaving his path through the complexities of the assorted charts and endless combinations of houses and aspects etc.
    Tarit is delightful, engaging, and enthusiastic and his passion is evident.
    I am encouraged and energized to continue with this fascinating field and look forward to the next wonderful workshop.

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