Orixás & The Forces of Nature

    Orixás & The Forces of Nature

    Mystical Journey & Embodiment of the Elements

    with Rasana

    • June 15, 2022

    The Elements of Nature – Fire, Earth, Water, and Air – are all around and within each and every person’s being.

    Each Orixá represents a quality and frequency of the Forces of Nature – Oxalá, Yemanjá, Oxum, Oxossi, Xangô, Iansã, Ogum, Exu, Nanã, Omolu, Ossanha…

    Being able to recognize these Forces is key to activating a mystical and real energy center within – the Axé – a natural strength to manifest one’s dreams and intentions.

    This workshop, inspired by the Yoruba-Brazilian tradition of Umbanda, is a calling to internalize and harness those energies for personal empowerment and centering as they open the connection to the Life-Force of Creation.

    This enchanting and creative process includes the learning of “Pontos” (traditional Orixás invocation songs), storytelling, offerings and ceremonial rites, protection and healing with power plants, and immersion in nature to directly experience the elements.

    This wisdom has been passed through generations with the intention to open one’s perspective and sensitivity toward their own natural gifts.

    artwork by Raaji

    Price: $110 - Price includes 13% sales tax

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