Osho’s Touch

Osho’s Touch

“Rajneesh Mohan – later known as Bhagwan, and in his last year known as
Osho – has created the Neo-Sannyas movement. A movement of seekers, that
are not denying life in order to find immortality, but are celebrating life as a
pilgrimage to find that which is beyond life and beyond death.

The movement that he created has helped millions of people to break the
limitations of being identified with the illusion that we call ‘I am’, the illusion
of self. The techniques that he created have allowed millions of people to
experience expansion of consciousness, to some extent at least. He was
not just an enlightened master – whose presence was so powerful, available
to transform whoever came near – he also dedicated his life to provoke the
foundations of that which keeps the human race in chains.

He collected all the masters that were known in the history, and put them in
fresh light. When he spoke about Lao-Tsu, Lao-Tsu became alive. When he
spoke about Jesus, it didn’t have the same quality as in the churches – Jesus
became alive. When he spoke about Gautam the Buddha he always said: “I
am not interested in Buddhists, I’m interested only in Buddhas, awakened ones”.

Not to create a following but to awaken all to realize their true nature.
That you are not a self, but a presence of selflessness. A pure presence of
consciousness. Years of talking, day in, day out, through a remarkable talent
of speaking the unspeakable, has created a platform for millions to transform.
He has dedicated his life to provoke society. He did many crazy things. First of
all, the Neo-Sannyasins were wearing orange, which in traditional India is only
for people who renounce the world. He said: “My Sannyasins will not renounce
the world, they will celebrate the world.” Then he called himself ‘Bhagwan’, the blessed one, god.

As his movement grew, and with the move to the United
States, he started provoking the world by reflecting their materialism, collecting
Rolls Royces as a hobby, intending to collect 365 Rolls Royces, one for each
day. That process of collecting Rolls Royces was stopped untimely at ‘87 by
the Reagan administration. The joke was stopped, but the work continued.
Going back to Pune he built again the energy field in his last years, until
he left his body on January 19, 1990.

On March 21, 1952 self-realization,
total liberation, happened to him. The blessed state of being,
which is beyond any illusion, which is free of the chains of self, has been
revealed to him. The moment he realized that there is not ‘him’, there is only
‘That’. The bubble of self, which causes an illusion of separation, burst, and
the melting with the whole happened. 54 years later (March 21, 2006), on the
other side of the planet – actually exactly the other side of the planet – another
Buddha field, that is directly influenced by Osho, initiated it’s own meditation
temple, the ‘Osho Hall’. The temple has been named after Osho, as he is the
main inspiration for this Buddha field, that I see as an extension of his work.

osho hall


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