In and Around PachaMama

Horseback Riding:

SUP and Surfing:

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun, safe, and easy way to explore the fascinating marine life of the area. SUP tours can be arranged in San Juanillo (15 minutes from PachaMama) or Playa Pelada, near Nosara (about 40 minutes from PachaMama).

Surfing is also common in the area. For more advanced surfers, trips can be arranged to Playa Ostional (15 minutes from PachaMama) where there is a strong beach break. Playa Guiones in Nosara is a great beach for beginners, and lessons are available.

Freediving and Snorkeling:

In addition to the first Freedive Course to be held in PachaMama in August 2019, there are other opportunities to visit the underwater world.

Freediving is a meditative experience of silence and weightlessness between the surface without oxygen tanks. A boat rental is required and can be arranged to leave from San Juanillo or Nosara.

Snorkeling is also available, and is accessible from the shore at San Juanillo. The best time to snorkel and see fish, rays, eels, and other creatures is at low tide.

Turtle Hatching at Playa Ostional:

A short drive from PachaMama is the Ostional Wildlife Reserve – one of the world’s most important nesting sites of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle. 
In the rainy season (August through December) the turtles arrive to lay their eggs each month, sometimes twice. 
Upon hatching, the locals living in the Ostional village help to protect these vulnerable babies from predators – mainly vultures and dogs – as they hatch and make their way to sea. The surviving turtles who reach the age of maturity will travel far – sometimes reaching all the way to the shores of India! – but will return home to lay the eggs of the next generation on this beach where they were born.

Licensed guides will take guests at dawn to the beach during either nesting or hatching times, to see and help protect the eggs and hatchlings, and to witness this magical time in the lifecycle of these precious sea turtles.

Beach Bus:

The beach bus travels between PachaMama and Playa San Juanillo, with the schedule posted on the board downtown. In the high/dry/hot season the beach bus departs twice a day – 9am and 2pm.

Bird Tour:

Each week (weather permitting) Tyohar leads groups on bird tours on the grounds of PachaMama. Participants are given binoculars and are lead on a morning, afternoon, or night tour to observe the local wildlife. Species vary throughout the season due to migration patterns and weather conditions in the forest.

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