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In the Jungle School’s kindergarten class, a natural rhythm is key. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf education principles, the kindergarten aims to create a safe and loving second home, a place to grow, play and learn. A grounded, familiar daily rhythm is the basis for the class schedule, promoting a feeling of safety and harmony. The children partake in artistic, practical, and domestic activities that can easily be imitated such as cooking, painting, gardening, movement, music, singing, and crafts. Waldorf inspiration is also manifest in the choice of toys, stories, and teaching materials.


Parental involvement and cooperation are actively encouraged to bring a sense of harmony and continuity to all aspects of the children’s world.

Kindergarten hours:
Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Age Group:
2 – 5 years old

The kindergarten class is open for visiting children between November and May. A two-month minimum stay is required.

Prices vary depending on the child’s age and length of stay. Please email for more information.


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