Presence & Self Worth

    Presence & Self Worth

    Silencing the inner critic

    with Avinash

    • January 23, 2017 - January 25, 2017

    This 3 Day workshop will work with the fundamental quality of our being called Presence. When we are in contact with our Presence we feel connected to ourselves, to our hearts, to others and to the universe around us. In this space we have in Presence & Self Worth: Silencing the inner critic huginnate sense of joy, well being and a value for who we are. However in life we often loose the sense of presence and begin to doubt our worth and value. One thing that contributes to loosing this sense of value is the Inner Critic. The inner critic is a voice and feeling inside our head, that constantly holds us back, criticizes, judges us for what we are and what we do. The Inner Judge can be brutal and is often not fully recognized.
    In this workshop we will work with special exercises, meditations and techniques, so we can recognize that voice inside our head that holds us back and stops us from achieving what we want in life, whether in work, play or relationship. Once recognized this force begins to have less power over us and we begin to claim our life back, recognizing and knowing our true value and living a life of joy, aliveness and passion.

    Price: $270 - Prices are in $US Dollars and include 13% sales tax

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