Sacred Rites

    Sacred Rites

    The Secret Language of the Body

    with Velan

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    The body does not lie
    Look at the postural architecture of human
    and you will begin to see
    See under the surface of reality
    See the story of human
    Pressed like a leaf
    Into the fabric of bones and tissue
    Awaken dear beloved, to the sweet mysteries of movement
    The unraveling of amour
    The contours of conflict
    The visceral textures of vitality
    The shapeshifting subtitles of spirit
    This workshop is a laboratory into the mysteries of embodiment, the arts of ancient movement masters, the subtle language of energy and the instinctive somatic body intelligence.
    Through the lineage of the Shaolin Internal Arts woven with movement koans and dance, these foundations create a container that reveals one’s capacity to embody, center, ground and thrive within the chaos of the unknown.
    Breaking the box of dogmatic movement disciplines, the alchemy of diverse movement practice gives a width of understanding, creates a rich and tangible reflection of the human experience, reveals the silent moments and expands the capacity to contain and digest life.
    Dive into the alchemy of 3 bodies of work
    Energetic Cultivation – Calligraphy Shaolin Internal Arts – cultivate vitality and learn the subtle art of redirecting energy and conflict.
    Movement Koans/riddles – Explore the language of the body and the subtleties beneath the surface of reality.
    Dance and Movement Rituals  – Seek out the hidden stories that have shaped one’s being, the formulation of thought and feeling into the visible face of the dance.
    We’ve entered a time where there is no longer a map… now standing at the precipice of one’s own path unfolding.
    The body shapes itself around traumas, emotions, habits, and cultural conditioning. To consciously embody, one’s physiology, shape, breath, state of being, and life is reorganized.
    This is not only for dancers, yogi’s, fitness freaks or movement practitioners….It is for anyone with a body, to bring the depth of ritual, dance, movement and inquiry to every moment…from subtle to strong, from dance to movement riddles, evolving from the map and intuitive guide….THE BODY.

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    Price: $290

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