Self Retreat

    Self Retreat

    A self retreat gives you the time to take a longer retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. It’s a chance to live in PachaMama in a luxurious and comfortable house with all the modern amenities, for the same price that is usually charged for a casita or a cottage. This is a great opportunity for those who want to spend time in isolation (or intimacy), to heal emotional meditationwounds without the guidance of a spiritual teacher, but simply on one’s own. It requires maturity to hold your own process, and is for those who have a deep longing to surrender to the emptiness and allow whatever arises just to be there, watching and letting a renewed sense of peace and tranquility be reflected by the abundant, vibrant nature that surrounds you.

    This will be offered during the rainy season and can find you sitting cozily indoors with a cup of tea watching and listening to the rain. It can be an unforgettable time that takes a special kind of courage and openness for the quest of self-realization.

    It is during this time that PachaMama slows right down, veggies and basic wholesome foods are available to buy from the shop, the restaurant may only serve one meal a day, the houses are fully equipped for cooking one’s own meals. There is also a library where one can find a wide selection of spiritual books to aid in this precious time of aloneness and meditation retreat.

    Whether this time will be spent in aloneness or intimacy one is living in an environment of likeminded individuals in exactly the same situation. The very nature of this time is conducive to going within, the normal activities of meeting with others and gossiping is very limited, so this outlet is not readily available and staying with yourself, meditating and going within is the hallmark for those who take this process of revealing self awareness to the max.

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