Sensation, Movement, and Stillness

    Sensation, Movement, and Stillness

    A Three-day Vinyasa Flow Exploration

    with Nayra

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    Sensation, Movement, and Stillness – a three-day Vinyasa Flow Exploration workshop creates a space to explore, move and rest while experiencing the process of moving towards the self.
    In vinyasa flow, yoga asanas are used to work with fluidity and strength in order to be in constant communication with one’s inner and outer world.

    The intention of letting go of limiting ideas while flowing with the breath allows one to move in harmony with the body rather than against it. Movement is used to expand, connect to the elements and be present with the constant dance of motion and stillness within.

    While profoundly resting into yin and restorative practices, a safe space is created to let the layers of the physical and emotional bodies open up to deep relaxation and nourishment. The slow and surrendering qualities of this very feminine practice lead to a comfort within where one can let gravity do the work and feel supported and received.

    Free movement sequences leave space for inspiration to move in one’s own way; to go with the flow while staying deeply grounded within. This group is an invitation to call on one’s intentions and let them sink into and through the body. The beauty of working in a group is not only connecting deeply with oneself, but also opening up to be seen by others.

    Price: $290

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