Soul Voice

    Soul Voice

    Discover Your Natural Voice

    with Kabir and Gitama

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    This workshop will help to connect with the voice, and bring awareness to the body and soul. In a playful way, this group will serve as a guide into known and unknown realms of personal embodiment.

    Through deep contact with silence, a pathway is cleared to enter the foundation of manifestation and harmony.

    From there the beauty and joy of expression can arise with more ease and authenticity.

    This group focuses on discovering and experiencing one’s own voice, nurturing self-confidence and giving tools and space for expression.


    Yoga, tai chi movements, and meditation help to reconnect to the physical body, with spontaneous improvisation and song woven throughout.

    Each one is born with their individual soul voice, though often through childhood and experience in society, it may have been judged, suppressed, or not supported.

    Authentic expression has healing qualities both for singers, and for those who have never sung a note before.


    Details $US
    Day event $100
    3 day event $310

    Prices include 13% sales tax

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