Spirit Dance

Spirit Dance

with Carmen Vicente

  • April 10, 2020 - April 12, 2020

Carmen Vicente (Carmita) brings people together to revitalize the memory of the ancient cultures of the Earth and renew awareness of the relationship between Spirit and Life.

Throughout time, women have created and worked with attentiveness of this wisdom in order to ensure the future of their descendants and the evolution and transcendence of their culture. This knowledge has been received by past ancestors from their ancestors. Newer generations have forgotten and ignored the existence of these secrets in their education and have lost the gifts of this heritage along the way. The source is still within, even if the knowledge of that power is not active in everyday consciousness.  

PachaMama welcomes Carmita back to the forest, to continue to nourish the planting of the Spirit Dance on this land. This one night Spirit Dance is a medicinal ceremony that starts and ends with a purifying Sweat Lodge – one in the night and one in the morning. This is a unique opportunity to gather as a family around the sacred altar and fire for the awakening of ancestral memory.

The Spirit Dance will be supported by Julian Herreros and his orchestra.

Carmita has two decades of experience working with the altar, the fire, the ancestors, the medicines, the Vision Quest, the Sundance, the School of Secrets and the Spirit Dance. With her presence she delivers and shares knowledge of the tools needed to take care of one’s Power lineage through direct instruction and inheritance she received from the secret practices of women in her community.


Early Bird until 3 days before the event starts$125
Standard Price$135

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