Spirit Dance

Spirit Dance

with Carmen Vicente

  • March 25, 2024 - March 29, 2024

Carmen Vicente (Carmita) – a unique, revered medicine woman from the Andes mountains – brings people together to revitalize the memory of the ancient cultures of the Earth, and to renew awareness of the relationship between Spirit and Life.

This Spirit Dance is a four-night medicinal ceremony. During these nights, a dance is guided around a sacred fire and a dedicated altar. The dance is led to the beat of a drum and the sounds of live music, instrumental and vocal.

Each night, the dance begins and ends with a purifying sweatlodge.

The intention of this dance is to come together, united as family, dancing for the stars and the visions, the individual and the collective, and to awaken ancestral memories.

Throughout time, the ancient tribes have created and worked with attentiveness to the wisdom of the ancestors in order to ensure the future of their descendants, and the evolution and transcendence of their culture.

This knowledge has been received and passed on for centuries. Newer generations have forgotten and ignored the existence of these secrets in their education and have lost the gifts of this heritage along the way.

The source is still within, even if the knowledge of that power is not active in everyday consciousness.

This ceremony is a unique opportunity to gather around a sacred altar and fire, led by a tribal chief, for the revival, meeting, and connection with the ancestral memories living in each and every being.



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